Not Synchronised?

Occasionally Yummy will get out of sync with how Delicious sees the world. Usually pressing the “Refresh” button in the bottom left of the screen will bring things up to date. If there are a lot of changes you may want to check that you’re on a WiFi connection rather than a mobile network, but […]

New feature: Mail Link

In addition to all the little details that you don’t see behind the scenes, I managed to include one visible change to the recent 1.0.2 release of Yummy: the ability to mail links. This was a very popular request, so I hope you find it useful. Simply find the link you want to mail by […]

MyPhoneApps Forum

Recently Yummy has been added MyPhoneApps Forum, a web site dedicated to iPhone and iPod touch applications. The main threads of interest to owners (or potential owners) of Yummy are as follows: Discussion, reviews and questions Feature requests Bug reports These threads are dedicated to Yummy. Of course the site has a similar set up […]

Yummy Version 1.0.2

A minor update to Yummy will hopefully be available for download in the next few days. It has the following changes: Fix crash on start up bug that was affecting a small number of users Works with a much larger number of bookmarks Improved compatibility with version 2.1 of the iPhone OS Mail bookmarks as […]