Yummy Browser Update

Yummy Browser, the “lite” version of Yummy, was first available for download late last Wednesday UK time. It reached its first major mile milestone this weekend: more people now have a copy of Yummy Browser than Yummy, which has been on sale since August 2008. It has far exceeded expectations. If you picked up a […]

Yummy 2 Screencast

Well, it’s been a busy week, what with the shorter-than-expected half-price sale and the release of Yummy Browser, the free, some would say “lite,” version of Yummy. I’ve also been making some good progress on the next version but there’s not a lot to add at the moment. Instead I will leave you wish a […]

Yummy Browser 1.0

I am pleased to announce a new version of Yummy, Yummy Browser 1.0. Yummy Browser is an iPhone application that allows you to view your delicious.com bookmarks. Key features: Browse by date Browse by tag View all Delicious meta data, including the tags, date and notes fields Open bookmarks in Safari Mail bookmarks Synchronise your […]

Half Price Promotion ending soon

When, a few hours ago, I said that “Apple could approve Yummy Browser at any time, maybe an hour, a day or a month from now” I kind of assumed that it would be more like a few days than a few hours, but Apple were as unpredictable as ever and I just got this: […]

Half Price Promotion

Rumour has it that patience is a virtue. But it’s not one that I have ever acquired, especially for things outside my control. (Maybe that makes me a control freak rather than impatient, but the end result is the same.) How does this relate to Yummy? Well, those with good memories will recall that I […]

A week in review

It’s been a quiet week for the public face of Yummy but a lot has been going on behind the scenes. First, a couple of things that have not happened. Yummy Browser has now been in Apple’s review queue for ten days and, unfortunately, is still not available for download. This is the longest I’ve […]

Bookmarking to Delicious from Twitter

A few people have asked if I can provide a way that they can save links they see in tweets to Delicious using Yummy. And the answer to that is… partly. Yummy already has a bookmarklet that you can use in Safari to add bookmarks, and developers can use the same mechanism in their applications. […]

Yummy 2.1.1

I just uploaded a minor update to Yummy to Apple. It should be available in the next few days. It fixes a problem where adding or editing a bookmark would occasionally cause Yummy to crash. No data was lost (syncing would bring the bookmark back again) but obviously it wasn’t right.

Give Away

If you are on Twitter and were online last night, you may have seen that @KRAPPS and @148Apps were giving away a few copies of Yummy. (I had no idea that they’d do the promotion on the same day!) If you’re reading this because you won or heard of Yummy from there, Hello and welcome. […]

Number of Bookmarks

One question I get a lot is “How many bookmarks can Yummy handle?” The short answer is there’s no absolute number that I can tell you but I can give you some heuristics and anecdotes. The short answer is “a lot.” I typically do my testing with between three hundred and two thousand bookmarks, depending […]