April Update

If you’ve been following this blog you can hardly have failed to notice that the promised update to Yummy 2.2.1 has yet to materialise. This is mostly outside my control but I do apologise if you have been affected by the Instapaper password bug that this update was designed to solve. I submitted the update […]

Untrusted Server Certificate

If you’re trying to do anything with Yummy that requires it to talk to the Delicious.com servers you may find that you’re getting a weird error message: “untrusted server certificate.” Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about this directly as the server in question is owned by Yahoo. The good news is that they’re on […]

Yummy 2.2 Status

I’ve had a couple of reports about Yummy crashing when you try to enter an Instapaper password. The good news is that I have found the problem and am just testing a fix before submitting it to Apple. The bad news is that this is likely to affect everyone who has a password set on […]

Out now: Yummy 2.2

It’s been a busy week around Yummy HQ hence the delay in posting this! But in case you haven’t already noticed, the new version of Yummy is now out and available on the iTunes Store. Key new features are: Instapaper integration New bookmark list view, with a preview of the URL and a lock icon […]