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First Run Anniversary

Today marks one year since Yummy first ran on an actual iPhone rather than in the Simulator on my MacBook.

This was the icon in the original version

This was basically the first point where I thought I might actually make it available on the App Store. As such, it was almost feature complete at this stage. You could view bookmarks by date, drill down to see all the meta data, add, edit and delete bookmarks. It was pretty limited compared with the current version but still does some things that apps still available on the App Store can’t do.

The date view looks kind of familiar still, but not all of it was working a year ago

The screen that’s changed the most of the bookmark viewer. I originally had it with a web preview which worked nicely in the Simulator but not so well with an EDGE connection.

As promised, to mark the occasion I am giving away a few copies to lucky people with a US iTunes account (sorry, this is Apple’s limitation not mine). There are five codes this time in total, three below, one on Twitter (already taken) and another on FaceBook.


If you don’t manage to snag one remember that there will be three other opportunities later this month.


Yummy Browser 2.3 Submitted

I staggered the announcement to add a little dramatic tension but along with the Yummy 2.3 update announced yesterday I also sent an update to Yummy Browser to Apple.

New features in this version:

  • Animated bookmark name, so long links are visible without making the text un-readably small

So yes, the bump in the version number is a little misleading though, as you can probably guess, it’s so that Yummy and Yummy Browser normally have the same version number.

I will let you know when it hits the App Store. It seems that the queue is around two weeks currently though, as ever, you never can quite tell.


Yummy 2.3 Submitted

I have just submitted a new version of Yummy to Apple. Hopefully it will be available on the App Store in the next week or two.

Key features in this version are:

  • Add tags to a new bookmark by selecting from a list of existing tags
  • ReadItLater support. Now you can push your bookmarks to ReadItLater in exactly the same way that it currently works with Instapaper
  • Send bookmarks to Twitter using SimplyTweet
  • Shorten bookmarks using, or as well as
  • More precisely remember the screen that was visible when restarting
  • If you enter the URL, you can ask Yummy to go to the website and get the title. This is useful when you add a bookmark from Safari (by manually typing ‘yummy:’ in front of the URL) or from Twitterrific (where you can’t see the title)
  • Changes to the way the initial download of bookmarks is handled to help avoid the dreaded Error 999

If you’re keeping track, at the time of writing, these are numbers 1, 2 and 4 in the list of user feedback on UserVoice and SimplyTweet support came from a user my email.

Of course there are the usual bug fixes and refinements (you now get a “Progress” screen when posting to Instapaper rather than just locking up the UI).

reviews trivia

Another review

Congratulations to the guys at Apps Addicts for launching their new iPhone application site. A review of Yummy was some of the content available. It’s mainly positive but I’m not sure they entirely got the point of!

It seems to be ideally designed for bookmark pack rats: those who bookmark a ton of links and then sort through them later. If this describes you, then this app might help you stay organized while you’re on the go.

That’s exactly what Yummy, and itself, is for.

It seems that they didn’t let Yummy download all their bookmarks, as it kept asking for their password. I wrote about this back in June. (The next version of Yummy will download all your bookmarks before letting you into the rest of the application to prevent this kind of confusion.)