First Run Anniversary

Today marks one year since Yummy first ran on an actual iPhone rather than in the Simulator on my MacBook. This was the icon in the original version This was basically the first point where I thought I might actually make it available on the App Store. As such, it was almost feature complete at […]

Yummy Browser 2.3 Submitted

I staggered the announcement to add a little dramatic tension but along with the Yummy 2.3 update announced yesterday I also sent an update to Yummy Browser to Apple. New features in this version: Animated bookmark name, so long links are visible without making the text un-readably small So yes, the bump in the version […]

Yummy 2.3 Submitted

I have just submitted a new version of Yummy to Apple. Hopefully it will be available on the App Store in the next week or two. Key features in this version are: Add tags to a new bookmark by selecting from a list of existing tags ReadItLater support. Now you can push your bookmarks to […]

Another review

Congratulations to the guys at Apps Addicts for launching their new iPhone application site. A review of Yummy was some of the content available. It’s mainly positive but I’m not sure they entirely got the point of! It seems to be ideally designed for bookmark pack rats: those who bookmark a ton of links […]