New look blog

Unless you read this blog using an RSS feed you will probably have already noticed the new theme. I think it’s a bit prettier than the old one. The side bar is a bit wider and the main body a little narrower. Hopefully all the posts will still fit in the new format… There are […]

Multitasking on iOS 4

If you’ve just downloaded the new iOS (the new name for the iPhone operating system) you might be eagerly anticipating how some of the new features affect your favourite applications, such as Yummy.One of the headline features is multitasking. This encompasses a number of different but connected features.The most obvious aspect is “fast task switching.” […]

iOS 4

Today I’ve been trying out Yummy (and www.cut) on iOS 4. iOS, in case you haven’t been following the news this week, is the new name for the iPhone operating system. The good news is that I have not found any problem yet so on the 21st when it becomes available in iTunes you should […]

Error 414

I tried Yummy on a new iPhone today, a new 3GS. Unfortunately I immediately found that when I tried to sync I got “Error 414.” The quick solution to this is to switch to a different network. In my case, while on Vodafone UK I got this message every time but when I switched to […]