New Year Update

The big news around Yummy HQ is that we’re currently beta testing the next major release. A few users have been trying it out since late last week week and most of the feedback has been positive. Of course there have been a few bugs that I’ve had to fix, but that’s the whole point […]

Yummy Version 1.0.3

Yummy version 1.0.3 has just hit iTunes and be available for download. There are three bug fixes in this release: The “laggy cursor” issue I discussed earlier Searching by tag then editing a post returned you to a blank bookmark list. This issue has been fixed Leaving a blank title (not allowed by now […]


AppBeacon is a relatively new site that guides you to the best iPhone and iPod touch applications and I am pleased to announce that Yummy is one of their featured applications through January 2009. There are a lot of sites that claim to help you find that key application or game but AppBeacon seems to […]

Two Weeks

It all started with an innocuous looking email to Yummy’s support email address: Tagging seams a bit buggy. When I try to correct a typo with the cursor it works the first time (laggy though) but the second time I’m not able to move the cursor anymore. Without getting too technical (visit my question on […]

Gaming the System

It’s at times like these that I realise that I am too, well, nice to ever become a gazillionaire. Every few months I see a new scheme that attempts to game the placement of programs in the App Store and I wonder if I should consider it for Yummy. Every time I decide against it. […]

Yummy (Cakes)

The folks over at Veiled Games have decided to “market by cookie,” a strategy unfortunately missing from most text books on the subject. I am always willing to learn new techniques, so here is my attempt: This is the real life yummy cup cake from the Yummy logo. Maybe next time I should make the […]

10 000+

I thought this image was neat: It’s supposed to be the icons of the ten thousand applications now available on the App Store. I see plenty of duplicate icons but not Yummy’s cupcake. Can anyone else find it?