One of the finishing touches of any application is its art work. In the case of Yummy little more than an icon was required but, as a developer rather than a graphic designer, this proved to be much harder than I originally expected. Here’s how it happened. Playing free word association I tried to find […]


One nice thing about Apple’s AppStore is that users can review their downloads. One of the disadvantages is that the reviews only appear on the store of the user, which means that I can only really see reviews posted in the UK. [Update: I have been reminded that you can see reviews without being logged […]


In the wild there are millions of iPhone and iPod touches and billions of web pages. While I’ve worked hard to test Yummy on as many handsets and with as many bookmarks as possible, it’s just not possible to try out every combination. So while most people who download Yummy find that it Just Works, […]

Deleting bookmarks in Yummy

I don’t know about you but I often delicious web pages that I want to read later and have no intention of keeping. This is just one of the reasons you might want to delete a bookmark from your iPhone. Luckily Yummy can help you. Starting from the list view — either by date or […]

Editing Bookmarks in Yummy

By now you will have downloaded your bookmarks, browsed and searched for something particular and drilled down to see more details about it. Today we’ll learn what you can do if you spot something that you’d like to change. The first step is to find your bookmark. Then press the edit button in the top, […]

Viewing bookmarks in Yummy

Yesterday we linked Yummy to your account and downloaded your bookmarks. Today we’ll look at what you can do next. When you first start Yummy, the opening screen looks something like this: If you have added more bookmarks since you last opened Yummy they will appear shortly. How soon will depend on how fast […]

Getting Started with Yummy

So you’ve just downloaded Yummy from the App Store (thank you), what next? Perhaps slightly counter-intuitively, your first step should be to look in the “Settings” screen. Enter your username and password. You might also want to think whether newly added posts should default to be public or private. And return to the home […]