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Users of Yummy version 1.0 will find this screen the most familiar as it was the default. Nevertheless you will find some changes here.

Rather than have a section heading for every date, the granularity changes as you head back in time. You get a heading for every day of the last week, one for the whole of the week before that, and then fewer and fewer headings as you head even further back in time. You can get to every one of your bookmarks this way but it’s probably easier to search if it’s an old one.

These other methods of finding your old bookmarks will be covered in the next couple of days.

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Menu Screen

There’s not a lot to say about the menu screen in the new version of Yummy.

From here you can select how you want to find your bookmarks. Using the toolbar at the bottom you can also force a refresh (useful mainly if you’ve disabled the automatic refresh on startup option) or add a new bookmark. We’ll cover all the various options in the next week or two.

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Launching Yummy for the First Time

In Yummy 1.0, one thing that caught a number of users out the first time they started Yummy was where to enter their username and password. The Apple convention of keeping settings in the Settings application seems not to have filtered into many iPhone and iPod touch users’ consciousness.

Version 2 makes this whole experience much easier. New users (and everyone upgrading) will see the following screen the first time they run it:

Once you enter your username and password, Yummy will check that they’re valid (so you need network connectivity when you do it) and immediately start to download all your bookmarks. This may take a while if you have a lot of bookmarks, and using WiFi rather than the cell network is not a bad idea. It’s best to wait until they’re all downloaded before exiting but nothing will break if you don’t. You can use Yummy while it’s downloading, so don’t feel that you have a sit and wait, staring at the status bar.

Talking of the “status bar,” the home screen and status bar will be the subject of the next post. Stay tuned.

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The original idea for some of the features in Yummy V2 came directly from users like yourself. They like the product and took the time to report bugs and suggest new features. All of this makes Yummy a much better product — something that we all want.

Searching around this website, finding my email address and typing out a message is harder it might be if all you need to say it is “It crashes when I do this…” or “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could …?”

Of course I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t have a solution. If you’re reading this in your web browser, take a look to the right hand side of the screen. You should see a “Feedback” tab. When you press this a screen like this should appear:

From there you can follow the instructions to provide your feedback. You can even do it anonymously (in case you’re worried that emailing me will put your address on a marketing list).

You can also go there by going to

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Yummy Version 1.0.3

Yummy version 1.0.3 has just hit iTunes and be available for download. There are three bug fixes in this release:

  • The “laggy cursor” issue I discussed earlier
  • Searching by tag then editing a post returned you to a blank bookmark list. This issue has been fixed
  • Leaving a blank title (not allowed by now gives a meaningful message rather than a vague “Oops” error

It’s recommended for all users. It has been a slightly painful release because Apple originally rejected it. Ah well, it all makes for better software.

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Alternate way to add bookmarks

I am aware that a number of users find the process of adding the “Add to Yummy” bookmarklet to Safari to be harder than it should be. As I discussed last week, this is not something that I can make a lot simpler — you’ll have to ask Apple to help me there.

But if adding the bookmarklet in Safari or Internet Explorer on your PC and syncing your iPhone is not something that appeals, try this:

Click this link:

Add to Yummy

(It should redirect you back to this page.)

Then add it to Safari using the “+” button at the bottom of the screen and press “Add Bookmark.”

You can change the name of the bookmark if you like, then click ‘Save.’

Now click the bookmarks button. Locate your new bookmark, press the “Edit” button at the bottom of the screen and select the new bookmark.

You must change the URL itself. You need to delete everything before (and including) the first question mark, making the first word “javascript”. When you’re done, the screen should look something like this:

And with that you’re good to go.

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Safari Bookmarklet

One of Yummy’s most useful and unique features is the ability to add new bookmarks to Delicious. A bookmarklet in Safari makes this even easier to use, but there is a price: it’s tricky to add this bookmark on the iPhone.

I’ve love to be able to make this whole process easy, a one click process, but the ball is in Apple’s court on this one. Craig Hockenberry of IconFactory wrote about this (“Difficult for users to take advantage of URL schemes in Safari“) and I wholeheartedly agree.

However, for the moment we are all stuck with what Apple has provided. So, I have a question for you: can you think of a better way of doing this?

The two approaches that I am aware of are:

Do you find the Twitterrific way significantly better than Yummy’s?

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iPhone 2.2 and Yummy

I see that a new version of the iPhone firmware is now available for download. Unfortunately not all developers get to see new releases before you do, so I have not had the chance to check that everything still works as before. I do not anticipate any issues but will have a look as soon as I can.

If you see any problems please let me know. I will do what I can to help.

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MyPhoneApps Forum

Recently Yummy has been added MyPhoneApps Forum, a web site dedicated to iPhone and iPod touch applications.

The main threads of interest to owners (or potential owners) of Yummy are as follows:

These threads are dedicated to Yummy. Of course the site has a similar set up for lots of other applications. Hopefully it will be a great resource for all iPhone developers and users and I’m happy to be an early supporter of it.

I hope you’ll never need to post in the bug reports thread, but it’s there if you do find something! I’ll be as active as I can be, answering questions and keeping an eye out for your great feedback.

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One nice thing about Apple’s AppStore is that users can review their downloads. One of the disadvantages is that the reviews only appear on the store of the user, which means that I can only really see reviews posted in the UK.

[Update: I have been reminded that you can see reviews without being logged in. Still, switching to each of the countries where there’s an App Store and looking for reviews would quickly get tedious.]

But there are other ways. Thanks to Erica Sadun’s excellent AppStore Review Scraper I’ve been able to look at what’s happening everywhere.

Many thanks to the people that wrote good things about Yummy. It is greatly appreciated.

However in this post I really want to concentrate on people who have not had such a positive experience. As long as it’s fair and true I have no problem with people posting bad reviews. What’s interesting is that both reviews (on the US store) report what sounds like the same problem — it saying “Loading data” on startup and then crashes — and yet neither user reported the problem to me directly. Unfortunately I can’t fix bugs that I don’t know about.

Luckily I do have one set of crash logs. It would seem that the recent iPhone 2.1 release leaves applications with less memory than before, meaning that users with a lot of bookmarks can have problems. I am working on the assumption that all three bugs have the same root cause and am currently in the process of putting together a new release.

This should be complete in the next day or two and will be on your iPhone as soon as Apple have reviewed it.