We welcome press inquiries and love to see reviews both on websites and in print. Apple provides a limited number of promo codes so we can’t always offer them but will try to make them available to legitimate requests wherever possible.

To help you we have gathered together images and text that you might find useful for each app.


Press release (version 1.0)

ShareEverywhere-1.0-Presskit (screen shots, icons)

Rootn Tootn

Press release (version 2.0)

Rootn Tootn 2.x Press Pack (screen shots, logo, icon)

Press release (version 1.0)

Rootn Tootn 1.x Press Pack (screen shots, logo, icon)


Press release (version 1.0)

CameraGPS Press Pack (screen shots, icon)


Press release

Press pack


Press release (version 1.0)

Press pack