Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for many websites and applications are many pages of dense legalese. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think I need one to fully explain Wandle Software’s approach to collecting and using user information.

The short version: we don’t collect user information so we couldn’t misuse it, even if we wanted to (which we don’t).

To be very explicit:

  • Wandle apps do not collect analytics that can be traced back to a specific user
  • Wandle apps do not “call home” periodically
  • Wandle do not have your name, address or credit card details

The only times we know anything about you is with your explicit permission and knowledge:

  • You send a support email. Your details are only used for dealing with your inquiry. You won’t secretly get added to a marketing mailing list.
  • You comment on the website. Asking for your name and address is just to prevent spam. Your details are not used for anything else.
  • An app crashes. All Wandle apps send anonymous crash reports back to base. Before they do this they ask permission. If you say “No” then no information is transferred. Of course we won’t know about the bug either and we can only fix bugs that we know about. Even when you do say “Yes,” we can’t see anything about you. The crash report doesn’t show your name, email address, username or password.

In general we will always aim to store as little information about you as is necessary to make our apps work correctly. And we will always try to be explicit about what information we store and why. When we release new apps some of the details may change by necessity but this principle will not.