Open Source Software

Wandle Software have made some contributions to the Open Source Software community.

Most projects are hosted on GitHub and are components rather than complete, downloadable software:

  • WSLViewAutoDismiss. UIAlertView and UIActionSheet’s that automatically dismiss themselves when the app goes into the background.
  • SDOAuthHelper. Signs HTTP requests with an OAuth 1.0a signature.
  • SDCloudUserDefaults. Save user preferences both locally and to iCloud.
  • WSLHTMLEntities. Expands HTML Entities like › into normal text string.

(If you’re wondering, I used the “SD” prefix for my code before I founded Wandle Software Limited.)

I also have a WordPress plugin:

  • WSLSmartAppBanner. Displays the Smart App Banner link to an App Store app on iOS6 (and above) devices.