www.cut FAQ

Sounds great. Where can I get it?

It is available only on the Apple App Store. You can access it either on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or in iTunes on your Mac or PC.

What do I need to run it?

Any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with at least iPhone OS 5.0.

How much will it cost?

It’s a “tier 1” app, that is 99 cents in the US, 69p in the UK or whatever your local equivalent is.

How do I select another shortening service?

www.cut defaults to using is.gd but there are five others that you can use instead. Simply press the cog button on the bottom right of the main screen.

Some services allow you to enter a username, password or API key. These are always optional but allow you to keep track of the links you shorten.

How do I lengthen an already shortened URL?

Just put it into the top text box (or launch www.cut with it on the clipboard) as you would a long URL. It uses the longurl.org service to determine that it is a short URL and then expands it.

Settings don’t seem to be syncing using iCloud

First, please be patient. It doesn’t sync between your devices immediately. I’ve seen updates in a few seconds to a few hours (hopefully that will be the exception rather than the rule).

Second, it saves settings to iCloud when you change that setting. So if you change, say, your bit.ly username, that will be pushed to iCloud, but your API key won’t be sent at that point.

At this point I can’t discount the possibility of bugs either. iCloud is new for all of us and right now (as I write this it’s iCloud launch day) it’s likely to be very busy.

Note that your Twitter and Facebook settings are not synced.

I’ve found a problem… what should I do?

Please email me. Send as much relevant information as you can and I’ll do what I can to help.

Please don’t just post a bad review to iTunes. I can’t fix bugs I don’t know about!