www.cut 3.3 home screen
www.cut 3.3 home screen


www.cut 3.3 service selection
www.cut 3.3 service selection


www.cut 3.3 action extension
www.cut 3.3 action extension


This isn’t one of those immersive applications that takes hours to figure out and weeks to master. Instead it’s a small but useful utility that shortens URLs for you so that they can be emailed, Twittered or Facebooked without worrying about character counts or line breaks messing up the link.

www.cut — we like to pronounce it “dub cut” — keeps out of your way as much as possible. For example, if there’s a URL on the clipboard when it starts it assumes that’s the one you want to use and immediately asks your configured shortening service to begin its work. When complete it automatically sends it straight back to the clipboard, so you might not even have to press a single button!

Of course you can also type the URL manually or, in Safari, add “wwwcut:” to the start of a URL.

Once shortened you can email, tweet or send your link to Facebook without leaving www.cut.

www.cut currently supports six shortening services:

  • is.gd
  • bit.ly
  • tinyurl.com
  • to.ly
  • uCut.it
  • tiny.cc

The ones that support it allow you to log in so that statistics about your links can be gathered.

If you enter an already shortened URL, it uses longURL.org to automatically show you where the link points to.

Simple but effective. That’s www.cut.

[box type=”download”]Available now, only from the App Store. It is currently free and will be removed from sale shortly. It is now End of Life and is no longer supported.[/box]