Half Price Promotion

Rumour has it that patience is a virtue. But it’s not one that I have ever acquired, especially for things outside my control. (Maybe that makes me a control freak rather than impatient, but the end result is the same.)

How does this relate to Yummy? Well, those with good memories will recall that I announced a free version called Yummy Browser a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve not mentioned it since because it’s still in Apple’s review queue. Unfortunately there’s not very much I can do about that. But maybe there’s another way to get Yummy out to more people:

Until Apple approves Yummy Browser, the full version of Yummy will be half price.

Of course Apple could approve Yummy Browser at any time, maybe an hour, a day or a month from now. If you want to get Yummy for 99c (US, Canada), 59p (UK), 79c (Euro), 115Y (Japan) or $1.19 (Australia), now is the time.