giveaway trivia

First Anniversary

I’ve been working on Yummy (and Yummy Browser) for over a year now. I can’t remember the exact day I started but I do have a record of a number of key milestones from August last year.

To commemorate this momentous occasion (okay, enough hyperbole for this post) I am going to give away copies of Yummy on each of the following anniversaries:

  1. First run on a real iPhone
  2. Beta 1
  3. Beta 2
  4. Sent to Apple for approval

With a bit of digging you’ll be able to find the date of the last one. The others, well, you’ll have to stay tuned, add to your RSS reader, follow or add as a friend, as I’m going to post the promo codes here on this blog, on Twitter and the new Facebook page. Of course everyone wins a free copy of Yummy Browser…

I should note that prizes will be Promo Codes that, at the time of writing, are only redeemable in the US iTunes store. Good luck! And if you get a promo code, please consider writing a good review on iTunes!