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Rootn Tootn 2.0 - Statistics Screen
Rootn Tootn 2.0 – Statistics Screen

To coincide with this weekends BritMums Live conference, we’re having a half price sale on Rootn Tootn!

Of course the basic version is still completely free to download and use. If you want to unlock all the features — including unlimited reminders and more personalisation options — you can get that inside the app for half the usual price.


Festive Spirit — Half Price Sale

Just for the holiday period I have reduced the price of Rootn Tootn and Yummy by half. You can now get the same app goodness for only 99c, 69p, €0.89 or your local equivalent. It may take a few hours for the new price to percolate across all of Apple’s servers so if you don’t see the new price, don’t panic!

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Half Price Promotion

Just a quick post to note that Yummy is still on its half price sale! On Tuesday the price goes back up to $1.99 (or its local equivalent).

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Yummy 1.0 Anniversary

The founder of LinkedIn said “if you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” I’ve been involved with the launch of a number of products over the last fourteen years and I agree wholeheartedly. It was as true the first time I was involved in an internal business application back in the late nineties as it was one year ago today when I submitted Yummy to Apple for approval.

Back in August 2008 Apple were being a little quicker with their review process and it took only about a week before it went live and available for sale on the 2nd September.

I said that I was going to give away a number of copies to celebrate and, indeed, I have. This time, however, I am going to take a slightly different approach. You can now find Yummy available for half price and it will stay that way until the 2nd. Grab it while you can — this is only the second time that I’ve ever reduced the price so it could be a while before I do so again!

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Beta 2 Anniversary

In fact this post is slightly delayed. It was a year ago yesterday that the second beta of Yummy 1.0 went out to its intended audience. However yesterday was a Sunday and most people don’t read blogs, Twitter or FaceBook on a Sunday.

So as is now becoming traditional, I am giving away some copies of Yummy. This time there are three going on FaceBook, one on Twitter and the final one is: FW3XYP79LWFX. Please let me know if you manage to get a copy.

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Beta 1 Anniversary

A year ago today the first beta of Yummy hit the streets. Well, when I say “street” I mean a few selected iPhone users. With the vast quantity of tutorial material currently available on the internet it’s difficult to remember that at this point last year everything iPhone SDK related was still covered by the NDA. This meant that getting your software running on another iPhone was tricky. The process is called “ad hoc” distribution and is still a bit of a black art.

The difference between the first beta and version 1.0 is slight, so I won’t post any screen shots as I did for the first run anniversary.

As promised, I am giving away a few copies of Yummy to mark the occasion. This time there is only one promo code (redeemable only in the US App Store I’m afraid — you have Apple to thank for that restriction) here: L3X4W9T7KLY3. Check out the FaceBook page and Twitter for the others. Please let me know if you manage to pick up one!

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First Run Anniversary

Today marks one year since Yummy first ran on an actual iPhone rather than in the Simulator on my MacBook.

This was the icon in the original version

This was basically the first point where I thought I might actually make it available on the App Store. As such, it was almost feature complete at this stage. You could view bookmarks by date, drill down to see all the meta data, add, edit and delete bookmarks. It was pretty limited compared with the current version but still does some things that apps still available on the App Store can’t do.

The date view looks kind of familiar still, but not all of it was working a year ago

The screen that’s changed the most of the bookmark viewer. I originally had it with a web preview which worked nicely in the Simulator but not so well with an EDGE connection.

As promised, to mark the occasion I am giving away a few copies to lucky people with a US iTunes account (sorry, this is Apple’s limitation not mine). There are five codes this time in total, three below, one on Twitter (already taken) and another on FaceBook.


If you don’t manage to snag one remember that there will be three other opportunities later this month.

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First Anniversary

I’ve been working on Yummy (and Yummy Browser) for over a year now. I can’t remember the exact day I started but I do have a record of a number of key milestones from August last year.

To commemorate this momentous occasion (okay, enough hyperbole for this post) I am going to give away copies of Yummy on each of the following anniversaries:

  1. First run on a real iPhone
  2. Beta 1
  3. Beta 2
  4. Sent to Apple for approval

With a bit of digging you’ll be able to find the date of the last one. The others, well, you’ll have to stay tuned, add to your RSS reader, follow or add as a friend, as I’m going to post the promo codes here on this blog, on Twitter and the new Facebook page. Of course everyone wins a free copy of Yummy Browser…

I should note that prizes will be Promo Codes that, at the time of writing, are only redeemable in the US iTunes store. Good luck! And if you get a promo code, please consider writing a good review on iTunes!