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Beta 1 Anniversary

A year ago today the first beta of Yummy hit the streets. Well, when I say “street” I mean a few selected iPhone users. With the vast quantity of tutorial material currently available on the internet it’s difficult to remember that at this point last year everything iPhone SDK related was still covered by the NDA. This meant that getting your software running on another iPhone was tricky. The process is called “ad hoc” distribution and is still a bit of a black art.

The difference between the first beta and version 1.0 is slight, so I won’t post any screen shots as I did for the first run anniversary.

As promised, I am giving away a few copies of Yummy to mark the occasion. This time there is only one promo code (redeemable only in the US App Store I’m afraid — you have Apple to thank for that restriction) here: L3X4W9T7KLY3. Check out the FaceBook page and Twitter for the others. Please let me know if you manage to pick up one!