Rootn Tootn

Rootn Tootn is a quick and effective way to remind you when your baby needs feeding or changing — or as we like to say, your baby is rooting and tooting…

Especially in the first few weeks when you’re feeding around the clock, it’s easy to lose track of what needs to happen and when. The last thing you want is an app that insists on endless details just to get started. Rootn Tootn just has a single button to start or stop a timer. It automatically records all the details for your reference and sets a reminder for the next time. You can add notes if you like.

Rootn Tootn 2.0 - Home
Rootn Tootn 2.0 – Home
Rootn Tootn 2.0 - Edit reminders
Rootn Tootn 2.0 – Edit reminders
Rootn Tootn 2.0 -Reminder Settings
Rootn Tootn 2.0 -Reminder Settings

You can add as many reminders as you want and there are three different types. One records the duration of an event (feeding for example), one is a point in time (changing a diaper/nappy) and one is a left/right side reminder. Check out the blog for stories of how other people use them.

In addition to customising the timers and reminders, you can personalise how it looks by adding your own picture to the background.

Rootn Tootn offers a great balance between simplicity and features that you’ll use. Created using feedback from nursing mothers, we are always happy to hear how you’re using the app.

Rootn Tootn 2.0 - History
Rootn Tootn 2.0 – History
Rootn Tootn 2 - Notes
Rootn Tootn 2 – Notes
Rootn Tootn 2.0 - Statistics Screen
Rootn Tootn 2.0 – Statistics Screen

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This screencast is for Rootn Tootn version 2.1.

Download on the App StoreAvailable now only on the App Store. It’s free to download with a $2.99, £1.99 or your local equivalent in-app purchase to unlock all the features.

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