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New Year Update

The big news around Yummy HQ is that we’re currently beta testing the next major release. A few users have been trying it out since late last week week and most of the feedback has been positive. Of course there have been a few bugs that I’ve had to fix, but that’s the whole point of a beta test.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be discussing the new features here (so please add this website to your RSS feed or consider subscribing by email using the widget to the right of the screen) but first let’s consider how big a change is coming to iTunes and your iPhone.

The simplest measure is the number of lines of code, and by this metric Yummy 2.0 is nearly twice the size of version 1.0.3. And that’s only half the story as I have spent a lot of time replacing some verbose, automatically generated code with shorter, hand-optimised versions.

When you write an iPhone application there are two parts. The first part is traditional computer code (written in a language called Objective C). Unless you’re a programmer, none of this will make much sense to you. That’s represented in the blue blocks in the above graph. You can also do a certain amount of work by dragging and dropping bits of your user interface, much as you would with a program like Visio. That “code” is in the green.

I didn’t include the numbers, as they’re not terribly important, but the relative sizes are obvious.

Maybe a better measure is the volume of changes. This graph represents the number of lines changed between a version and it’s predecessor.

As you can see, the move to 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 was pretty significant and the fixes in 1.0.3 were much smaller. You can’t however, miss the size of the change moving to version 2.0.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn what those changes look like and how they make Yummy even more useful, convenient and powerful.