April Update

If you’ve been following this blog you can hardly have failed to notice that the promised update to Yummy 2.2.1 has yet to materialise. This is mostly outside my control but I do apologise if you have been affected by the Instapaper password bug that this update was designed to solve.

I submitted the update to Apple and about ten days later I got the email that every iPhone developer dreads. It begins with the phrase, “Your application … cannot be posted to the App Store at this time.” With the little information that they sent with the rejection, I think that Yummy is actually fine and that Instapaper was having difficulty at the time that they were reviewing the update. (You’ll note that the reason they rejected it is nothing to do with passwords.)

Still, I have taken this as an opportunity to improve Yummy. As a precaution I have made a minor change to the way that bookmarks are sent to Instapaper. Now rather than just say that there was an error (if there was one), I have added distinct error messages for each of the possible failure conditions. Obviously this doesn’t make it work any better but it does mean that you can tell the difference between it being Yummy’s fault (“Instapaper request error”) and when it’s a problem on the Instapaper side (“Instapaper server error”). The messages are deliberately similar as neither is the fault of users of Yummy.

I’ll be submitting this revised update in the next couple of days and, with luck, it will be available in the next week or two. Fingers crossed.