Error 414

I tried Yummy on a new iPhone today, a new 3GS. Unfortunately I immediately found that when I tried to sync I got “Error 414.” The quick solution to this is to switch to a different network. In my case, while on Vodafone UK I got this message every time but when I switched to my local WiFi connection the sync went smoothly.

So, what’s going on?

Well, 414 means “request too long” and comes from a small change that I made in the last version of Yummy. Most users of Yummy have a 3GS yet I have been optimising for my other iPhone, an original, first generation handset. This despite the fact that newer phones have both more memory and a faster network connection.

Since version 2.0, Yummy has batched requests for URLs into groups of fifty. This was always a compromise between CPU, memory and network latency. For version 2.4.1 I decided to increase that number to 150 for those with the faster and more roomy devices. In my testing it resulted in significantly faster downloads.

I have not completely got to the bottom of this and do not know how common it is. Can you please let me know if you have seen this before? And if so, what network do you use? I don’t want any users to see this error but I’d like to find out how common it is before rushing out a fix because, basically, the solution is to make it slower for everyone.