Yummy 2.7.2

In my rush to get Yummy 2.7.1 out I missed a couple of things: one feature and one bug. I fixed that in 2.7.2 and added a small bonus.

The bug I have already written about on Twitter. Basically, if you are still running iOS 5 but do¬†not have Twitter enabled then Yummy is liable to crash when you open a bookmark or the web preview screen. While Apple approve the real fix, if you enable Twitter support (even if you don’t use it) you can work around the problem.

Secondly, in using the new iOS 6 share sheets, I accidentally removed the “Open in Safari” option. In 2.7.2 that’s back. As is a new option, allowing you to open links in Google’s Chrome, too.

With luck this will hit the App Store some time in the next week.

Update (12 October 2012): Yummy 2.7.2. was approved last night and it available for download now.

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