The first iOS 9 update to make it out of Wandle HQ is for our sharing utility app, ShareEverywhere.

ShareEverywhere side-by-side
ShareEverywhere side-by-side

Other than the usual minor fixes and enhancements, most improvements come with iOS 9. For example, on some of the newer iPads you get the “slide over” multitasking feature, that might allow you to tweak a setting before launching the sharer in the main app. Not an everyday occurrence, perhaps, but useful.

Behind the scenes, the biggest change is support for Apple’s “Application Transport Security,” which means that a secure connection is used for all services where available. “Where available” is an important qualifier here as most services currently require a slight loosening of requirements to work. (“Forward secrecy” is the least commonly supported feature. This requirement needed to be relaxed for Twitter,, Diigo, ImgUr, Facebook and Tumblr.)

With luck, ShareEverywhere 1.1.2 should be available for download in a week or so.

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