Yummy 3.2

The new version of Yummy has lots of good stuff. Read on to find out the details.

Side by side multi-tasking
Side by side multi-tasking

Yummy 3.2 is the second of our apps to get an update for iOS 9. Yummy, however, gets a much more significant update.

  • Support for latest iPhone’s and iPad’s, including split-screen multitasking and 3D touch on supported devices.
  • Supports new “Safari View Controller” on iPhone.
  • Supports iOS 9’s new Spotlight search feature. After the upgrade has completed, you should see your bookmarks in your search results.
  • Supports Safari’s new ability for third-party apps to add bookmarks to the “Shared Links” tab.
  • URL scheme. This is not the same as the one used in version 2.x of Yummy and your old bookmarks will not work. See below for the new scheme.
  • Configure which fields appear on bookmark list.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements (of course).

The bad news — if you can consider it like that — is that this update requires iOS 9. If you’re running Yummy 3 already, your device can run iOS 9 so this shouldn’t be a problem. (It’s a nice update. You should upgrade anyway.)

iOS 9

Yummy 3.2 is built using the latest developer kit and so supports all the latest devices, including the iPhone 6S, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.

In practical terms, that means you can use the split-screen multi-tasking on all the current iPads; and on the 6S and 6S  Plus, Yummy also supports 3D-touch short-cut menus on the home screen. (More 3D touch support may come in future versions.)


After you’ve upgraded to Yummy 3.2, the Spotlight integration should “Just Work.” It currently indexes the title and the notes field of each bookmark. (It seems unlikely that you’d be searching for the URL itself, so that is not currently added to the index.)

URL Scheme

Yummy 3.2 supports many more options for URL schemes. There are three main end points:

  • yummy://bookmark/open (opens a specific bookmark)
  • yummy://bookmark/add (adds a new bookmark)
  • yummy://tag/tag name, for example, yummy://tag/wandlesoftware will show all the bookmarks tagged with “wandlesoftware”
  • yummy://show/bookmarks (opens the bookmark list screen)
  • yummy://show/tags (opens the tag list screen)

For bookmarks you can add parameters to make them more interesting:

  • url
  • hash
  • username
  • service
  • notes
  • title

Bookmark list customisation

Since Yummy 3, the bookmark list has shown the title, notes, tags and private/public/to read flags. Yummy 3.2 now allows you to customise what you see, so if you want to see the URL but not your tags, now you can. Go to the Settings screen to edit.

We hope you like it…

I just submitted it to Apple for review. Hopefully it should be available to download in about a week.