Rootn Tootn 2.2

A new version of Rootn Tootn is on its way to the App Store.

This update has been a long time in coming and doesn’t contain anything like the feature-set originally envisaged — the story behind this may be revealed eventually — but what’s about to hit the App Store shortly is nice.

Rather than a long list of new features, it mostly makes existing features either easier to find or easier to understand.

For example, some users found the difference between a duration timer and an event time to be confusing. And, honestly, we can’t blame them. While the best names we’ve been able to come up with, they’re not necessarily immediately obvious. So rather than just say “do you want duration or event,” the new reminder screen now has some explanatory text.

We’ve extended this kind of thinking throughout the app.┬áSo it’s not a flashy new release, it doesn’t have a tonne of exciting new features, but we think there’s a lot of value in allowing new users to find the current functionality more easily.