We’re excited to announce our new Apple TV app, Glider.


Did you ever read Ellen Ullman’s novel, “The Bug“? It starts with a description of Conway’s “Game of Life” and the story — without wishing to give too much away — follows a characters obsession with a variant.

Glider allows you to play with the same thing, on your nice, big screen in the living room using your Apple TV. The idea is that even with simple rules, complex behaviours can emerge.

It comes with quite a few fun presets, but you can also draw your own shapes on screen and have it cycle through. Maybe it’ll be static; maybe it’ll cycle through a few iterations; maybe it’ll fizzle out. Find out what happens is half the fun.

It’s available now as a free download for Apple TV. There’s a donate button right inside the app and we’d really appreciate it if you could support the work that went into it and any future updates.