Yummy 3.2.3

A new version of Yummy just recently hit the App Store.

I’m pleased to announce the latest release of Yummy. It mostly includes a few important bug fixes — including one for a bug which prevented some people from saving bookmarks — but there are also some nice new features too.

  • 3D touch (peek and pop) on bookmark list views
  • Optionally show date in the bookmark list
  • Show count of bookmarks with metadata (HTTP status, thumbnail, etc) in Account setting screen
  • Removal of “Shared Bookmarks” extension for Safari

The last one feels like it needs an explanation. While I don’t collect statistics, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t a popular feature. But that’s not the reason for its removal. Since it was the only part of Yummy currently written in Swift, it bloated the size of the app quite considerably. But that, too, is not the reason for its removal. The reason, instead, is that Apple no longer seems to allow apps to be submitted with a “Shared Bookmarks” extension! As far as I can tell, Apple never announced this. References to the extension type are pretty much completely gone from the documentation as if it never existed.

So, sorry if you liked “Shared Bookmarks” but otherwise, this is a pretty nice update. I hope you like it.