Yummy 2.7.3

I have just submitted a small update to Yummy that is currently with Apple and will, hopefully, be released some time in the next week.

It has a single bug fix: if you leave the app when you’re on the tags screen Yummy will sometimes crash. This should never have resulted in data loss so, while I never like to release crashing code, I would hazard that most people never noticed.

Update: Yummy was approved on the 4th December, pretty much in record time — thank you Apple!


www.cut 3.1.2

Another day, another point update from Wandle Software… This time for for www.cut. As with the recent change for Rootn Tootn, www.cut 3.1.2 is all about the new iPhone and iPod touch. It features support for the new screen size and a couple of small bug fixes, including an update to the “get title” library that I use.

www.cut for iPhone 5

The bad news is that, as with all updates to iOS apps, you’ll have to wait until Apple have reviewed and approved it. At this stage I would guess that it won’t be for Day One of the iPhone 5 but, hopefully, it will be shortly afterwards. Keep an eye on your App Store app (or Twitter) to find when it makes it into the wild.

Update: As of the 20th September, it’s on the App Store.


www.cut 3.1.1

A minor new release of www.cut is with Apple for review and should be in the App Store shortly.

If you recall, version 3.1 added the ability to find the title of a link before you post it to Twitter or Facebook. Version 3.1.1 refines that ability, trimming excess spaces and converting weird HTML characters into something that’s readable by humans.

Apple say that they’re review 94% of app updates in five business days so hopefully you’ll have it before the end of the week.


Yummy 2.6.6

A week later than I had originally planned, but here is another app update that has been submitted to Apple for approval. In some ways it’s a bigger update than the 0.0.1 increment might lead you to believe. But let’s start with the user-visible changes:

  • Visual updates, including Retina graphics for the new iPad
  • Much faster “Get title” feature

The second item has pretty much the same caveats I mentioned in www.cut 3.1: it’s designed to be quicker than the functionality it replaces, though it is sometimes less accurate. That is, websites that do “clever” things with the title, such as using frames (1996 called…) or updating with Java Script after the initial load, may well fail. But overall I think the speed-gain is a net win.

The greater performance made one extra feature possible. Last month I mentioned a flaw in Delicious’ new “get links from Twitter” functionality. Namely, that those bookmarks when pulled into Yummy lack the website title. (As a quick aside, it’s only because of what’s arguably a bug in Yummy that these bookmarks could be saved at all. Normally the title is a mandatory field.)

In Yummy 2.6.6, if, when downloading a bookmark, it finds that the title is missing it uses the new “Get title” feature to populate the field as you’d expect.

Three small points: if the bookmark has already been downloaded then Yummy will not go back and get the title. You can do this manually (press ‘Edit’, then ‘Get title’ and finally ‘Done’) or, if you have a lot of them, as I did, then you can simply log out and log back in again.

Secondly, the title does not come from Delicious, so I can’t guarantee that it will be the same. It should be most of the time, but if they differ it’s (probably) not a bug.

Thirdly, Yummy gets the titles after finishing its normal sync process. There is (currently) no status update posted on the main screen but you can see that’s it’s working because the “network activity” spinner in the status bar will be going.

If you don’t like this functionality (or it causes problems for some reason) I added a setting to disable it.

Keep an eye on Twitter (or the available updates in the App Store) for when it makes it out of Cupertino.



www.cut 3.1

I have just submitted www.cut 3.1 to Apple for approval, so hopefully it should be available for download some time in the next week.

It’s mainly bug fixes and cosmetic updates, including new Retina graphics for the new iPad, but there’s one new feature that I hope you’ll like.

Previously when you Tweeted a link or sent it to Facebook, it sent just the link with no information about it. In this new version, you should get the title too.

A couple of minor caveats:

  • Firstly, if the website is slow (or you’re very quick), you might press the “Twitter” or “Facebook” button faster than www.cut can figure out the title. This is deliberate. If you really do want the title, press cancel and try again. Unless…
  • Unless the website is a bit odd and www.cut can’t figure out the title. This might be because there are a lot of redirects, because the title is generated using JavaScript or some other mysterious reason. I’ll be trying to improve the algorithm as time goes on, but the objective is for it to be quick rather than 100% accurate

Still, I hope you find it useful.