Tweet a Link, Save a Link

You may have seen the new feature by Delicious that allows you to save all the links that you tweet. Neat idea, right?

Slightly flawed implementation, unfortunately. For the moment, if you’re a heavy Yummy user, you may be as well not enabling this option.

The problem is that while all the links get saved they don’t include their title; the tweet is included in the notes field, but the title is empty. (When do the same thing, they put the website name as the title and the tweet as the notes.) To be more specific, you can see the title on the website but they are not present in the API, which is how Yummy accesses all your bookmarks.

This does not cause any technical problems. Your bookmarks sync correctly. It just makes it a bit tricky to find them again since the don’t have a title.

I am looking a ways to improve the situation in Yummy — it already includes the ability to fetch a bookmarks title but it only works one link at a time — but hopefully the new team at Delicious might fix things first. Watch this space.