Yummy 2.2

I have just uploaded Yummy version 2.2 to Apple for review so, hopefully, you’ll get the chance to download it in the next few days.

A lot has gone into this, but a few highlights are as follows:

  • Instapaper integration
  • New bookmark list view, with a preview of the URL and a lock icon to indicate private links
  • Animated bookmark name, so long links are visible without making the text un-readably small

To the left you can see what the new tag view looks like. The view by date and search looks very similar, as you might imagine. I’ll upload a video to YouTube when I get the chance. More details about the controls and options once 2.2 is live.

I am particularly excited about the Instapaper integration.

Instapaper is a neat service that allows you to read web content offline in an optimised text-only format.

More about all these features later when you can actually see them. Stay tuned.