Out now: Yummy 2.2

It’s been a busy week around Yummy HQ hence the delay in posting this! But in case you haven’t already noticed, the new version of Yummy is now out and available on the iTunes Store. Key new features are:

  • Instapaper integration
  • New bookmark list view, with a preview of the URL and a lock icon to indicate private links
  • Animated bookmark name, so long links are visible without making the text un-readably small

I’m going to talk about these features a little more over the coming week. There is also the usual collection of minor bug fixes and enhancements, the ones most likely to affect you being:

  • Users with jail-broken handsets should now see all their tags correctly
  • The “notes” field in the bookmark screen now shows “placeholder” text explaining what it is
  • The “suggest tags” button is now more obvious
  • Fix for crash when you edit a bookmark and add multiple spaces between tags
  • Improvements to the synchronisation process with

I am also in the process of creating a new release of Yummy Browser that incorporates all the bug fixes. After that I am going to start to plan the next release of Yummy. If you want to influence that process please head over to my Uservoice page and cast your vote or add your suggestions.