Yummy 2.4

I’m pleased to announce that Yummy 2.4 hit the App Store over the weekend and so should be available to download now. The main new features are:
  • Post link to Facebook
  • Post link to Twitter using a built-in Twitter client
  • View your Tag Bundles
  • Improved tag editing screen, including access to Recommended, Popular and your Delicious network
  • Improved Web Preview, including access to both Google’s and Instapaper’s Mobilizer
  • In app send by email, copy link and other iPhone 3.x niceties
  • Settings are now both in the Settings app and available from Yummy’s main menu
  • Many other smaller refinements
I’ll be blogging a little more about these over the next few days, but here are a few screen shots.

Publish link to Facebook:

Publish link to Twitter without using an external program:

New tag edit screen:

Enhanced web preview (showing Google Mobilizer):