Introducing: Yummy 2.5

I am pleased to announce that Yummy 2.5 is making its way to the App Store ready for download. It’s a free update for all existing users and the usual “tier 2” price for everyone else — that is, $1.99, £1.19, €1.59, ¥230 or your local equivalent.

What’s new?

Visually, you might notice the revised icon:

And there’s quite a lot of new functionality too:

  • iPad support
  • iOS4 support
  • “Retina display” support for iPhone 4 and the new iPod touches
  • A count of the number of bookmarks that each tag has
  • Experimental support
  • Improvements to the Yahoo! ID authorisation process
  • Post to Twitter using Osfoora
  • Shorten your links using
  • The usual other bug fixes and refinements
I’ll be posting about each of these features — or at least those that make sense — over the following week. I’ve already written about what you can expect in the iPad version and what effect the multi-tasking will (or won’t) have.

Or you can just download your copy now!

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Hi Stephen! Thank you so much for making this a free update, I love having Yummy – in all its glory – on my ipad :))

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