Introducing: Yummy Browser 2.5

In all the excitement over the new release of Yummy we should not forget that it’s little brother, Yummy Browser, also got an update. 
As before, Yummy Browser inherits all the core features of the full version of Yummy. That is: the improved log in process; the support for iOS4 and iPhone 4; the count of bookmarks behind each tag. 

Users stuck on older versions of iOS will note that it now remembers which screen you were on last.

For the sake of clarity, Yummy Browser lacks the following major features from the full version of Yummy:

  • Add, Edit and Delete bookmarks
  • View webpages directly inside the app, i.e., without switching to Safari
  • View your Tag Bundles
  • iPad support
  • support
  • Search bookmarks
  • Post bookmarks to Twitter or Facebook
I’ve also taken the opportunity to switch from AdMod to Apple’s iAd.