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iPad Support in Yummy 2.5

This came out if nowhere to become the number one request from users of Yummy. At the time I was, in all honesty, sceptical. I thought the iPhone version would be okay running on the iPad and that the full website would be usable. 
It didn’t take long using an iPad to realise that I was wrong. 

What do you get when you use Yummy on an iPad? 
All the same features but — to paraphrase Eric Morecambe — not necessarily in the same place. It uses the full screen of the device, supports all four orientations and, where appropriate, uses popups and so forth. 
Since creating the iPad version was a lot of work I did consider creating a new app or making it an in-app purchase, however in the end, because there are no iPad exclusive features, I decided to make it free for Yummy customers. Users of Yummy Browser will still get the pixel-doubling.