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Yummy 2.5.1

Last night Apple flipped the magic switch and the latest version of Yummy tumbled out and into the App Store. As you can tell with the .1 increment, it’s a minor release and includes the following changes:

  • Remove low memory warning in web preview 
  • Correctly remove deleted bookmarks when syncing with 
  • Display login buttons when enabling option in 
  • Fix a couple of visual glitches in iPad version 
  • Show new bookmarks at the top of the “by date” view

The first one I mentioned in my last post. Basically, something annoying that happened previously (but with the best of intentions) has been removed. This increases the risk that Yummy will quit unexpectedly if it runs out of memory but these days that should be pretty infrequent.

The second should be self-explanatory. Pinboard users are pack-rats so I don’t that this affected too many users!

The third affects people who don’t have a account and enable support in the There is, however, still one “gotcha.” After flipping the switch in you’ll need to wait a few seconds — thirty to be safe — before Yummy will be able to pick up the change. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it seems that Apple do not save the new values for a while after changing them.

The glitches in the iPad version were just cosmetic (but looked a bit odd).

And, finally, the new bookmarks. When you added a new bookmark in Yummy, it initially and briefly has no date. In 2.5.0 it appeared in the “by date” list as older than your oldest bookmark and, therefore, practically inaccessible. This version now puts in a fake date and time (now) until (or sends the correct value back a little later.

None of these problems affected Yummy Browser so that stays on 2.5.0 for the moment.