Announcing: Yummy 2.6

Yummy 2.6 is an odd release in some ways, but, I think, is a good one. Most previous versions have been all about new features, whether it’s posting to Twitter or Tag Bundles or support. But this version differs in that, by and large, it does the same things as the previous version but does them better.

The bullet-list on iTunes looks like this:

  • New bookmark view, showing the full text of the title and very long lists of tags 
  • New bookmark edit screen, allowing easier editing of long titles and notes 
  • Tag hints 
  • Remove “scrolling titles” feature 
  • Press and hold in any of the bookmark lists to see the full bookmark title 
  • Show URL, tags or notes in bookmark view 
  • Swipe left/right in bookmark view to switch between URL, tags and notes 
  • Improve sync reliability 
  • Add bookmark from the clipboard 
  • Update to newest Facebook API (may require logging in again) 
  • Better use of the iPad’s bigger screen 
  • Copy Description from bookmark to Twitter post
  • Plenty of bug fixes and tweaks

Note that some of these features need iOS 3.2 or higher. Yummy will work on iOS 3.1.3 and above.

I’ll be discussing some of these features in more detail in the next few weeks. Or you can just go to the App Store and download it now — it’s fresh out today.

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hi stephen! fantastic update, I love it!!! the edit screen is just great, it's a real joy to use – you obviously put a lot of thought and work into the little details, that's so much appreciated! thank you for an indispensable app and keep up the great work!

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