Announcing: Yummy for iPod shuffle

I’m very pleased to announce a new addition to the Yummy family: Yummy for iPod shuffle. It has most of the features you know and love from the iPhone and iPad versions but it comes with a completely new and innovative user interface, designed from the ground up to fully utilise the unique display technology of Apple’s smallest portable music player.

I could write pages about the painstaking research that went into the interface, the countless hours in usability labs and the months of engineering effort but what you really want to know it what it looks like and how it works. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

(Image Courtesy of Apple)

When we first started discussing the idea, people said that it was impossible to run sophisticated applications on such a small device. Some doubted that it would be useable. Some even doubted that is was possible to connect to the Internet on hardware without a radio or ethernet port.

With the immediate availability of Yummy for iPod shuffle we think that those doubts have been thoroughly quashed. You can download it for a promotional price of 99¢ from the little known App Store for iPod shuffle. We hope you like it.