New website!

Welcome to the new Yummy website!

Until today, this website has been hosted using Google’s Blogger service. This is nice and easy and free, but if you came here to try to understand what Yummy does or how it works it’s not entirely obvious how you would do that.

So with this iteration, I have put all the features and screenshots front and centre. I have also tried to be a little more “social,” making better use of Yummy’s Twitter feed and liberally sprinkling Facebook and Twitter buttons around. If you like Yummy I hope you’ll help trying to spread the word.

In the near future I will add some page that explain the features more and link to some of the videos that are already on YouTube (and some new ones).

I have done what I can to bring everything from the old website over but I am sure there there have been some casualties. If you find anything serious please let me know.