Welcome Wandle

Although things may look quiet, there’s a lot that’s been happening behind the scenes.

Since it’s been a while since Yummy 2.6.1 came out I thought it might be worth a quick post to talk about what’s been happening behind the scenes. Despite appearances to the contrary, I’ve been very busy!

First, and I mention this for the sake of completeness, is the new website. What you’re seeing right now is probably what I’d call “Phase One” and is already a vast improvement over what came before it. In the future I will put up more content, with the intention of explaining the product to new users more effectively and allowing existing users to get the most out of it.

I have release 2.6.2 of Yummy waiting in the wings. It’s pretty much ready to go (though I do keep making minor changes) and has been for a while now. I’m waiting for two things before pressing the ‘go’ button.

It’s mostly minor bug fixes and behind the scenes changes, but one aspect that you will see is the removal of the Yahoo! ID authentication method. (Yes, Yummy was the first to add support for it and will likely be the first to remove it!) Once the sale to AVOS finally goes through, this method will be no more and will just cause confusion to new users. However, while they said that the deal would go through in July I can see no signs that this has actually happened.

Having said that, even if the deal had gone through, until yesterday I was unable to submit updates to any of my apps. This is because I am putting Yummy on a more formal footing and have formed a company, called Wandle Software Limited, to be the legal guardian of all my iOS software. Transitioning my developer account from that of an individual to a company took nearly seven weeks. For this time I was unable to make changes or work on beta releases.

For you this change makes very little difference. For me I get an awful lot of extra paperwork to fill in, but on the plus side I have a new corporate logo.

Finally, the next major version of Yummy will likely be numbered 3.0 and it will be a significant update. Major new releases take much longer to develop and test than smaller ones. I have multiple aims for this new version, spanning the UI, new features and an important overhaul of some of the technical stuff under the hood. I’ll write more about this as it nears release.