The New

The new is not all good news if you use Yummy.

The new AVOS-owned site went live a couple of hours ago. Unfortunately they seem to have made changes in the developer interface (API) that are causing Yummy to crash when attempting to sync.

Worse, this is the complete documentation for the changes:

Documentation for developers

Coming Soon!

I have already mailed them to ask for more information. With luck, once I’m back in front of my Mac, I’ll be able to figure it out without help.

But until then, it’s probably safest to assume that Yummy will not work with your account.

I’ll update this post with more information when I have it.

Update, 28 September

I’ve identified a fix and am currently testing it. I will submit it to Apple as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow).

The crash is caused by a change in the way that Delicious supports syncing bookmarks. Previously they had a concept called “meta” that meant you could see which bookmarks had changed so that you didn’t have to download all the bookmarks every time. That feature is no longer present. This means that Yummy will take longer to sync each time you try, especially if you have a large number of bookmarks.

Update, 30 September

I was wrong about the missing “meta.” Instead they changed something else: you can no longer POST requests, only GET them. The good news is that the downside of the previous solution is no longer correct. However, syncing a lot of bookmarks will be slower than before.

I hope to submit a new fix to Apple this weekend. With luck it will be on your devices by this time next week. Please cross your fingers!

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Sorry the new Delicious has been so malicious. Looking forward to having Yummy up and running again. I’ve really missed having Yummy around.

Thank you so much for your years of support. Yummy is a very useful tool.

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