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Yummy 2.6.2

A new version of Yummy has just been submitted to Apple for review.

I have just submitted a new version of Yummy to Apple. Although a comparatively small update it’s an important one:

  • Support for syncing with the New
  • Removal of the Yahoo! ID authentication method
  • Minor branding updates (now Wandle Software)
  • Other minor bug fixes

Apple say that they’re approving over 90% of updates within seven days, so… fingers crossed.

3 replies on “Yummy 2.6.2”

Yummy has had an integrated web browser since version 2.0 (January 2009). Press the blue link in the Bookmark View screen.

And bookmarks in the sidebar: I assume you mean in the iPad version? There’s just not enough room in the iPhone version. Yes, it’s a good idea and something that I’ve been considering since I added iPad support.

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