Yummy 2.6: Bookmark editing

I discussed the new bookmark view yesterday. Today I’d like to talk about the new editing view. In the past I’ve heard a few complaints about this screen. Firstly, the navigation was a little… quirky. Secondly, there just wasn’t enough space to add as many tags as people wanted. Thirdly, you had to type in […]

Yummy 2.6: Bookmark view

The bookmark view is one of the most used in Yummy and yet it has barely changed since version 1.0. I thought it was about time that changed since there were a number of things that have always bugged me about it. Here’s how it looks in Yummy 2.6. Key improvements are that you can […]

Yummy 2.6: List View

On the iPhone you are very much limited by screen space. You can’t always see the full bookmark name. There’s not really enough space to show the name, the URL, the tags and the description. And worse, for me, the last solution I had to this wasn’t popular. I thought scrolling the titles was a neat […]

Logging into Delicious

While Delicious has not gained a huge number of new features over the last few years, it has acquired a wide range of ways to log in. A couple of years ago, there was a simple username and password. Then in late 2009, new accounts came with a Yahoo! ID. Yummy was the first, and […]