Reporting problems

I just found this review in the US App Store: A couple of things about this. Firstly, if you experience problems with Yummy, please let me know. If I don’t know about an issue I can’t fix it. Leaving a review doesn’t work terribly well, either, as there is no way for me to respond. There […]

Yummy 2.4 new feature: Post to Twitter

I can tell what you’re thinking. Yes, Yummy has been able to send links to Twitter for over a year. Since version 2.0 the “Send to Twitter” button has closed down Yummy and opened one of a long list of Twitter clients. While that option is still present, Yummy 2.4 includes a much better option: […]

Yahoo! ID FAQ

So I can log in now using my Yahoo! ID?You log into Yummy using the same process you use to log into the website. If you have one of the original accounts — and the vast majority of people do — you need to log in using your username and password as before. If […]

Spot the Difference

One question that I realised that I have not answered very clearly yet is, What’s the difference between Yummy and Yummy Browser? That’s what I hope to answer here. Perhaps obvious, but worth repeating anyway, is that Yummy Browser is the “lite” version of Yummy. The practical upshot being that every feature in Yummy Browser […]

Editing Tags

One of the constant battles you come across when developing an iPhone application is that between limited screen space and the desire to make new features obvious and easy to find. The ability to edit tags is clearly an area where I saved screen real-estate at the expense of making it discoverable. I refer here […]

Memory Warning

By now many of you (assuming you own Yummy!) will have seen the above warning message. Why are you getting it and what does it really mean? That’s what this post hopes to answer. The first thing to note is that the error message is being completely honest. The iPhone has told Yummy that it […]

Sending bookmarks to Twitter

The funny thing about sending bookmarks from Delicious to Twitter is that I did this entirely for myself. I never saw any demand for it until after I’d added it! Now I see lots of people wanting to do exactly that and it was a popular feature with beta testers. So here’s what it looks […]