Support in Yummy 2.5

Yummy 2.5 adds support for the social bookmarking site for introverts, It is, however, disabled by default, so today I want to talk about how to enable it. The first step is — obviously — to enable it. You can open the Settings app or use the settings option from Yummy’s main screen. Either way […]

Saved Searches

I should really have written this blog post back in February last year when this was a new feature but an email from a user who couldn’t find it reminded me that I never quite got around to it. So, you’ve probably figured out the search screen. You can enter one or more keywords in the […]

Long Article Titles

One thing that has bothered me about Yummy for a while is the problem of very long article titles. Here’s what anonymous said about it on my UserVoice page: Bookmark or article titles on the web can be very long… the current default size for bookmarks is too big, making it quite hard to read […]

More on Suggest Tags

I noted a while ago that I would be making a few refinements to the way that the suggest tags feature works. This is just to belatedly note that the changes are now available in Yummy 2.2.0 and above. In the olden days I just used the iPhone standard “bookmark” icon which in my mind […]

Instapaper Integration

Okay, so you’ve got Yummy, you’ve heard that the latest version allows you to post your bookmarks to Instapaper from Delicious for off-line reading but how do you do it? Quit Yummy Open the Settings application and select Yummy Enter your Instapaper username in the box at the top of the screen Back in Yummy […]

Memory Warning

By now many of you (assuming you own Yummy!) will have seen the above warning message. Why are you getting it and what does it really mean? That’s what this post hopes to answer. The first thing to note is that the error message is being completely honest. The iPhone has told Yummy that it […]