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Long Article Titles

One thing that has bothered me about Yummy for a while is the problem of very long article titles. Here’s what anonymous said about it on my UserVoice page:

Bookmark or article titles on the web can be very long… the current default size for bookmarks is too big, making it quite hard to read the full bookmark titles. I would suggest offering a font choice (see Wikiamo for a great implementation), or perhaps allowing bookmark titles to break on to a new line, in a smaller default font, and then create a gap between each bookmark block.

For those that are not familiar with it, Wikiamo has a slider control that allows you to vary the size of the text.

Some alternatives to Yummy “solve” the problem by allowing you to view your bookmarks in landscape mode. I put solve in quotes as it doesn’t really solve the problem. Sure, it allows longer titles but it doesn’t guarantee that you can see every long headline, a flaw it has in common with reducing the font size.

Instead of these partial solutions, Yummy automatically scrolls long titles (or tags if you have them). Clearly the screen would instantly become a jumble of moving text if done incorrectly. I spent a lot of time trying to get the balance right and I think it works pretty well. It defaults to waiting a couple of second and then starting scrolling. You can change the delay in the Settings application. Here’s a short video showing how it looks.