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In brief

A couple of quick things that I thought might be worth making more public. (I’ve already tweeted about both of these issues.) First, if you’re experiencing “The certificate for this server is invalid” errors, this is because Yahoo! have not fully updated all their servers with a new SSL certificate. They said that they fixed […]

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YouTube Founders Acquire Delicious

“Today, we’re pleased to announce that Delicious has been acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. As creators of the largest online video platform, they have firsthand experience enabling millions of users to share their experiences with the world. They are committed to running and improving Delicious going forward.” It’s early […]

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Yummy 2.6: Bookmark editing

I discussed the new bookmark view yesterday. Today I’d like to talk about the new editing view. In the past I’ve heard a few complaints about this screen. Firstly, the navigation was a little… quirky. Secondly, there just wasn’t enough space to add as many tags as people wanted. Thirdly, you had to type in […]

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Yummy 2.6: List View

On the iPhone you are very much limited by screen space. You can’t always see the full bookmark name. There’s not really enough space to show the name, the URL, the tags and the description. And worse, for me, the last solution I had to this wasn’t popular. I thought scrolling the titles was a neat […]

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Why the “experimental” label for support in Yummy 2.5?

You might have noticed that the new version of Yummy has support for the bookmarking website for introverts, but that I’ve flagged the feature as “experimental.” why would I add a new feature and yet suggest that you might not want to use it? That’s what I hope to explain in this post.  Implementing support for was […]

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Yummy 2.5 adds support for the social bookmarking site for introverts, It is, however, disabled by default, so today I want to talk about how to enable it. The first step is — obviously — to enable it. You can open the Settings app or use the settings option from Yummy’s main screen. Either way […]

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Reporting problems

I just found this review in the US App Store: A couple of things about this. Firstly, if you experience problems with Yummy, please let me know. If I don’t know about an issue I can’t fix it. Leaving a review doesn’t work terribly well, either, as there is no way for me to respond. There […]

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