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Yummy 2.4 new feature: Post to Facebook

Yummy has been able to share your bookmarks in various ways since version 1.0. Yummy 2.4 adds a new way: share with your Facebook contacts.

First you have to log in. You should be able to find this without too much trouble: it’s right on the main menu screen, just above the “Log out from” option. When you select the menu item you should get a screen that looks like this:

As the text suggests, just enter your Facebook login credentials. Yummy will remember them for future reference.

And then next time you’re looking at a bookmark that you want to share, simply press the “link” icon and select “Send to Facebook” option. You’ll then get a screen like the above, which shows a simulation of what the link will look like. Enter a status message if you like and press “Publish” when you like what you see.