Rootn Tootn 2.0.2

Rootn Tootn tutorial
Rootn Tootn tutorial

A new version of Rootn Tootn is currently with Apple, waiting for review. Hopefully it will be available shortly.

Changes in this version fall into two main buckets:

  • A new tutorial when you first launch it
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements

The first guides you thought some of the main features of Rootn Tootn and clears up a couple of misconceptions that people seem to have that I don’t believe can be fixed by changing the interface.

There are lots of other, small changes. The ones you might be able to see are as follows:

  • Can now edit event timers (broken in 2.0.1)
  • Use full resolution icon in the about box
  • Make duration in history view more legible
  • Display the amount of time a reminder has been active rather than just saying “active”
  • Ask for a name when creating a new reminder
  • Highlight the “settings” button when in Edit mode

As always, we hope you enjoy the update. Please add a review in iTunes if you like it!



Why you would need a reminder to feed a baby? Don’t they let you know?

A few people have asked the following question, so I thought it was worth discussing in more detail here:

Why you would need a reminder to feed a baby? Don’t they let you know?

There are two simple answers to that:

  • Crying is a late sign of hunger. Hopefully you’ll know that they need feeding before that. However, especially in the first few weeks, you won’t be in a position to know what the other signs are either because you’re new to the whole thing or because you’re exhausted!
  • In the first few weeks the midwives are very keen that you feed every couple of hours and with everything else going — so much that’s new, so little sleep — you may find it easy to lose track of time

There are other reasons too:

  • You might find that a reminder is a good way to get into a regular routine
  • You don’t even need to use the timers to remind you to feed your baby. The reminders can be for anything. Nappy change. Medication. Whatever you want and whatever makes sense
  • Even if you switch the reminders off, you can see at a glance when the last feed was and approximately when the next one is likely to be. Of course you can do this in your head, but why would you?

Even if you’re still not convinced, reminders are only half of the “baby feed timer and reminders” description used on the App Store. Rootn Tootn also records all your feeds, changes and anything else that you want. Suffice it to say that that log of events could be enough reason to use the app, even without the reminders!


Dear Amazon

Amazon Email
I got this email from Amazon…

Dear Amazon,

Many thanks for your recent email. Unfortunately, your normally very accurate data mining and customer relationship management software seems to have turned up very much the wrong product recommendation for me.

You see, as great as the Itzbeen is, Wandle Software now has something even better for any mums (or moms) to be or those with recent new-borns: Rootn Tootn.

Not only do you always have your iPhone with you, making it much more convenient, but Rootn Tootn does more too! You can set as many timers as you like and rather than just telling you when your last feed and your next feed will be, it also keeps a history. And who’d want an Itzbeen with its green plastic when you could have a sleek iPhone and Rootn Tootn which allows you to use your own pictures as a backdrop?!

So I’m sorry Amazon, but I’m going to have to pass on your recommendation. Rootn Tootn is more useful, prettier and cheaper. Maybe you could recommend that next time? Take a look on the App Store

Kind regards,




About Rootn Tootn

The last time I released a new app was 2009. I’ve been busy, there have been plenty of updates since then, but a completely new, version 1.0 app is something special. Since that last release, the App Store has grown enormously. Just about every imaginable category has a number of competing app so I think it’s important to explain where Rootn Tootn, our new baby feed timer and reminder app, fits in and why you should consider buying it instead of one of its more established competitors.

After looking around the app store, I think you can put most competitors into one of two categories.

The first is what I’ll label “all-encompassing apps.” They record every last detail about your baby. Measurements for everything, eye colour, height, weight, inoculations, diaries, and… and… oh, and reminders.

Well, it all sounds great in principle but are you ever actually going to enter any of that information? Don’t all those extra options get in the way of the information that you really need?

So the guiding principle of Rootn Tootn is simplicity. You really only ever have to press a single button: to start the timer. It’s been designed to require as little of your time as possible. Let’s face it, time is at a premium, especially straight after birth.

Later I searched for a different term and came up with a bunch of other apps. They were very simple, had “baby” colours and confusing UIs.

I don’t believe that being a parent means you have to surrender to the cliches of pinks and blues, of cutsie clipart and baby language.

Rootn Tootn allows you to put your own pictures in the background and overlays your timers. Simple and clean. Honestly, would you rather see some clipart or a photograph of your own baby?

The confusing UIs were puzzling. Many are limited. Want a timer for anything other than feeding? Sorry. Have two babies, both on slightly different schedules? Nope.

In Rootn Tootn I think the simplicity belies a surprising depth. You can have as many timers as you like; you can have custom reminders; you can record the details (or not); you can add notes (or not); activities can have a duration (feeding) or just a frequency (changing a nappy/diaper).

So, back to the question posed in the first paragraph: why you should consider Rootn Tootn instead of one of its more established competitors? I think it offers a great balance between simplicity and features that you’ll actually use. It saves you time, it’s easy to use and it looks great. What more could you want?