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Yummy 2.6.4

New versions now available in the App Store.

A couple of days ago I submitted a minor update to Yummy (and Yummy Browser) to Apple and they are both now live in the App Store. It’s still “Waiting for review” so I don’t know when it will be available, but hopefully it will be soon.

There are a few, minor internal changes but the following were either reported directly by users, ones I’ve seen crash reports for or things you might notice:

  • Fix crash on launch screen
  • Fix crash in Settings screen (iOS5)
  • Fix so that main menu works even when you press detail button
  • Change so that it’s possible to edit the URL in a bookmark
  • Change so that adding a pre-existing URL displays the bookmark
  • Changes to clipboard URL detection
  • Improvements to copy from clipboard at startup
  • Spot duplicate bookmarks before saving (as well as when using URL scheme)
  • Convert spaces to commas when saving tags to Delicious

The last one is pretty important if you use Delicious. It means that you should continue to use spaces to delimit your tags, even though the website now uses commas. As I noted a couple of weeks ago, there are problems with using spaces in your tags. I’d recommend not using spaces until Delicious have fixed their API.